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Speech by the President of China Meheco

China Meheco has been focusing on the national strategy and keeping pace with the reform of the medical and health system. The company actively fulfills its political, economic and social responsibilities as a central enterprise. It promotes high-quality development through reform and innovation. Today, the company has established an industry, commerce and trade integrated industrial structure, guided by international trade, supported by pharmaceutical industry, and linked by pharmaceutical business.

After entering the new era, China Meheco, starting from a new point, firmly grasps the period of strategic opportunities for "Healthy China", adheres to the "One Body, Two Wings" strategy, and promotes its core competitiveness with product construction and innovation. The company continues to give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters led by synergy, internationalization and integration. It further increases its market development efforts, continues to improve the level of refined management systems, continues to promote the core capabilities of various business sectors, and continues to achieve transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. All of these have made important contributions to promoting the innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry and realizing people's yearning for a healthy life.

Looking to the future, China Meheco will continue to adhere to the concept of "Caring for Life and Pursuing Excellence", devote itself to promoting the development of pharmaceutical industry and human health, strive to build the company into a large pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating industry, commerce and trade and a famous enterprise occupying an important position in domestic medical equipment industry and having strong competitiveness and brand influence in international markets, make new and greater contributions to building a "Healthy China" and creating a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way!

President Wang Hongxin